Lovie Chic's Holographic Trends

Lovie Chic's Holographic Trends

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Lovie Chic's Holographic Trends
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Lovie Chic's Holographic Trends Overview


The Lovie Chic's continue to be the most fashion-forward girls who come over to our website for the girls here to dress them up, and get inspiration for their outfits in real life, hopefully, something you will be doing with this game right now, where they have heard about the Holographic Trends, which they want to try as well, and you get to help them out with them right now, in a simple manner that we will describe, in case you're newcomers to our mobile dress up games!

Try Holographic Trends with the Lovie Chic's!

As the title suggests, the clothing and accessories in this game will make the girls look like they are holograms from the future, so expect the clothes to be really shiny, made out of radiant fabrics and with eye-popping colors, and that goes for all the pieces in their outfits.

Using the panel you will choose their dress or outfit, which can be one-piece or a combination of tops and bottoms. Pick the hairstyle you think suits their face the best, and then finish up by accessorizing, with their wardrobes giving you everything from necklaces and earrings to bags, and sunglasses!

We're sure that with your keen eye for fashion, you will match the criteria of this trend really well, and when you're done with the chics, they will feel so ahead of the entire fashion game, that they will step out of the house with full confidence, and everyone will have their eyes on them!

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Use the mouse.

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