Nose Hospital

Nose Hospital

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Nose Hospital
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Nose Hospital Overview


The Nose Hospital is the place where people go to fix their noses, obviously, which can have medical issues, or they might just not like their aspect, both of these being possibilities that happen to the patients in this game, for whom you play the role of doctor to solve their problems, something we're sure you will have a very fun time doing, so we want to explain how so you can begin it right away!

Be the best doctor at the Nose Hospital!

People are going to come into your door with nose problems, such as the following with your first day at work. You will have to get a really big booger out of the nose, then vacuum out the mucus inside of it, and do some cleaning between the nose and mouth, to make sure that breathing is made easier for our patient.

Well, guess what? After that, the patient has some problems with her eye as well, as she has a pimple over the eyelid, which you will inject with a syringe, cut up to remove all the puss and blood, clean up the wound, and patch everything back together. Don't forget to add some eye drops for the insides of the eye too.

On each new day you get new missions and tasks to help the patients, so just like with the first two procedures, click where shown and move the tools just like presented, since you're not real doctors, you will get really close to it with this awesome new game!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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