Elena of Avalor Cooking Cake

Elena of Avalor Cooking Cake

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Elena of Avalor Cooking Cake
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Elena of Avalor Cooking Cake Overview


Play Elena of Avalor Cooking Cake and play one of the best cooking games with cakes. Why is that? Because you play it with Disney Channel's princess, one of the best original princesses created for the network. We will now cook her favorite dish, and have fun doing it, no?

Let's start Cooking Cake with Elena of Avalor!

To begin with, mix the sugar, brown sugar, flour, and cocoa powder into the bowl. After that is done, mix the egg yolks with the vanilla extract. This way you will have both the batter and the cream. Take the batter and put it in a pan, after more mixing. You will put the tray into the oven, and wait for it to bake.

After the batter is baked, you will add the egg cream over it. Top it off and decorate it with chocolate cream all around. You will then take it out, put it on a platter, and cut it up into pieces. Now, it is ready to be served by Elena from Avalor and her entire royal family! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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