Drake and Josh Messy Rooms

Drake and Josh Messy Rooms

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Drake and Josh Messy Rooms
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Drake and Josh Messy Rooms Overview


Drake and Josh Messy Rooms is one of the few 2 player games in the Nick Games category! It's a cleaning game online, but with a twist of competition, and we recommend you play this with two players for that extra layer of fun!

Drake and Josh have Messy Rooms, clean them!

In the 1P mode, you play versus the computer, in the 2P mode you play versus another real player. The two rooms will be side by side, and there is a split screen between them. You can choose to be either Drake or Josh. Before the time runs out, clean more of your room than your opponent to win. Watch the meter at the top to see who's leading the cleaning contest!

Unique 2 player mode for a cleaning game!

In case you're dueling with another real player, here are your simple controls:

  • Player 1 moves with WASD, and space to pick up items.
  • Player 2 moves with the ARROWS, and picks up items with shift.
Tidy up your rooms!

Pick up and throw objects such as paper, CDs, and dirty underwear and socks. Make sure not to leave your door or window open. Close them up, Granny does not like it! Here's how to clean the room properly:

  • The socks and pants go in the drawer.
  • Put the CDs on the rack!
  • Throw any trash in the trashcan!
Make your bed!

Know that trash that gets on the bed cannot be taken. Don't let Megan throw it there through the door or windows, so always keep them closed! Now, who will be the best room cleaner online? We hope that both, and that you will do the same in your real life!

How to play?

P1: WASD, Space.

P2: ARROWS, Shift.

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