Teen Titans Go Super Hero Maker

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What is Teen Titans Go Super Hero Maker?

Teen Titans Go Super Hero Maker
Do you like Teen Titans? Have you ever wanted to make your own Teen Titans character? If so, this is the perfect game for that! If you ever wanted to become part of the Teen Titans team, you finally can! In this game, you can make your own custom character in the Teen Titans style. First, you start with the body type and skin color, then you get a variety of options to choose from. The first category is the mouth type, there are many variations including the iconic mouth of Robin's, the team leader. The next category is the noses, there are a lot of noses to choose from, each with its own characteristics. Next, you've got the eyes or mask, they range from cute girly eyes to robin's iconic mask.

You can also change your hair and facial hair, there are many cool options to choose from, ranging from long hair to shorter hair or no hair at all. At last, you've got your clothes, you can customize your clothes from head to toe, t-shirts, shirts, belts, pants, shoes and even gloves! After you completed customizing your character you advance to the download section where you can choose from many cool backgrounds such as skulls, dots, wind, snow, and even bees, you can even make the backgrounds dynamic. You can also add bottom text, there are 13 options to choose from, each having its own text. Once you are done with that you can download your creation so you'll never lose it!

Are you ready to make your character? Let's see if you can make your own team!

How to play?

Use your mouse or finger to interact with the game.

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