Children Doctor Dentist 2

Children Doctor Dentist 2

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Children Doctor Dentist 2
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Children Doctor Dentist 2 Overview

We have a new game for you, dear children. If you dreamed of becoming a dentist when you grow up, then you've come up with the right game. Here you will be in the position of the dentist and you will have the opportunity to learn how to put a dental appliance, how to do professional descaling and brushing.

Patients with certain dental problems are waiting at the office. Take a patient and take him to the office where you will first consult him. After you finish the consultation, start working on the patient's problem. Start by cleaning your teeth very well so as not to cause certain infections. Then, do a professional descaling and an advanced brushing so that the patient's teeth are cleaner and whiter, without impurities.

Once this stage is over, see what special requirements each patient has for you. For example, one of them wants to put on a dental brace to correct his teeth and have a perfect smile. Show him the colors you have, as well as what models you have, and start applying them. First, put the support on his teeth with your favorite shape, and at the end apply the wire that will hold you tight and correct your teeth.

We hope you enjoyed our game and invite you to discover other games on our site. Have fun.

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