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What is M1neWorld?

The new game in the world of Minecraft will put you on a new mission in which you will have to build all kinds of objects, words, or even characters, using the blocks you have in the game.
In the game, there are specially created blocks that you can use for different purposes so as to build a perfect world in your vision.
The blocks you have in play are made of the following materials: stone brick, wood, vegetation, rock, precious metals, colored flowers, mushrooms, earth, and much more.

The moment you want to break an object, you will have to take the pickaxe and start hitting it on the object you want to destroy.
To build with new elements, you will have to learn to combine the blocks you have, so that you get new blocks that you can use further in your new mission.

How to play?

use the arrows (W, A, S, D) to move, SPACE to jump.use the mouse to construct or destroy.

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