Popsy Surprise Valentine's Day Prank

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What is Popsy Surprise Valentine's Day Prank?

Popsy Surprise Valentine's Day Prank
When you play new LOL Surprise Games on our website, we know for a fact you are always satisfied and happy, since our team makes sure to share with you only the best such games out there, which is why today we want you to play the game called Popsy Surprise Valentine's Day Prank, Valentine's Day game online different from most other ones!

Help the LOL doll get revenge on her ex-boyfriend!

It's not the best Valentine's Day that this doll has ever had in her life, because just one day before the celebration of love, her boyfriend dumped her and got together with a different girl, and now the two of them are going out at dinner, which is the perfect opportunity to help our doll get revenge on them and ruin their new relationship.

The first thing to accomplish that is to help the guy see what he lost, so give a 'demonic' makeover to our LOL Surprise doll. Start with the makeup stage, where the cosmetics you use include lipstick, blush, and eye-liner, for which you choose the colors you like most.

You will then dress up our protagonist in a brand new outfit, on which you can put devil horns, wings, and even a tail, because she is up to sneaky things and has a revenge plan, so looking demonic makes sense.

How to pull the best Valentine's Day prank:

Before her ex and new girlfriend can come to the restaurant, you will set the stage for the prank by replacing the chocolates in the box with spiders, throw salt in the wine to make it taste bad and to make things even worse, put a farting pillow on the boy's chair. When all these things happen, they will surely break up, and our beloved LOL girl will be happy once more!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.