Stack Colors!

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What is Stack Colors!?

Stack Colors!

We love it when mouse skill games with action games come together in awesome formats such as today's game when we want to invite you all to have lots and lots of fun with the game called Stack Colors!, which is a stacking game that is different from what you think when you hear about this genre, which is precisely why we hope none of you miss out on it for anything!

Stack colors on your race to get the biggest score possible!

You will use the mouse to control a stickman, moving left and right as you tap and hold the left mouse button. On the tracks you have to go and collect the lines of color, stacking them on top of one another to build a tower as big as possible.

You move through spots where your color changes, and then you will have both your stickman and your tower change color, as you try to collect the new color and get even bigger.

In further levels there will be multiple kinds of colors on the track, so avoid those that you are not because bumping into them means losing the game!

When you reach the speed boost at the end, tap quickly on it to get more power, and if you kick the tower enough and its pieces get far ahead, you will get lots of extra points.

Good luck to you all, and make sure to stick around, since it would be a shame not to play even more of our awesome new games of the day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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