Dino Rex

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What is Dino Rex?

Dino Rex

Our freshly-created category of Reaction Time Games online is about to get even better than it already was, as our administrative team is delighted to share with everyone here a brand new running and jumping game from this genre, and since it is also a game with dinosaurs, we're sure that you will have an even better time since dinosaur games never miss, just like we're sure you won't either!

Help the T-Rex avoid all the obstacles!

You will control a cute and little green T-Rex who will keep on running on the track forward by itself, with you using the right and left arrow keys in order to change direction, and you press the spacebar when you want to jump.

You take these actions in order to avoid the rocks, cacti, plants, and other kinds of obstacles you encounter because hitting them means losing and having to start again from scratch.

Instead, not only try advancing for a distance as big as possible, but try collecting as many bones as you can too, because they represent your score, and having a big score is also something to aim for! Good luck, and enjoy!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys, spacebar.

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