TikTok Trends: Color Block

TikTok Trends: Color Block

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TikTok Trends: Color Block
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TikTok Trends: Color Block Overview


These days, the social media app known as TikTok is what says what is cool or not in the world of fashion, not fashion designers, and the latest trend to have come out of the many videos on the app is that of dressing up in color blocks, meaning that the outfits in this style are comprised of items that are fully in one color, and they look like blocks being stuck together!

Are you ready for the color block challenge?

In this dress-up game, you will have a lady featured that you will help win this challenge, meaning that you need to help her through seven days of dressing up in the color block style, from Monday to Sunday, and we're sure that you will create amazing outfits.

This is all done using the panels on her right, from where you choose a hair color, you will mix and match tops, bottoms, jackets, and other clothes, and can accessorize using watches, jewelry, hats, purses, and more.

Do this for all seven days, each day getting a new wardrobe available, and we're sure you will create amazing looks to impress everyone who sees the girl, both in real life and on TikTok!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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