Sandbox: Draw By Numbers

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What is Sandbox: Draw By Numbers?

Sandbox: Draw By Numbers

Sandbox: Draw By Numbers is precisely what the title suggests, and that is one of the newest color by number games online of our website, with the 'sandbox' title referring to the fact that in this game you can color a whole bunch of things in the same game, such as:

  • animals
  • plants
  • food
  • humans
  • fictional creatures and characters
  • cars
  • a random selection of leftovers

Draw by numbers in the online sandbox!

Each pixel in the drawings has a number, and for each number, you've got a color attributed to it. So, obviously, click on the right color and then click on the pixels that need to have it until you fill them all, click by click, pixel by pixel.

We recommend going number by number, color by color, to make things simpler, but you can freestyle the coloring however you see fit and how you want to make it fun and interesting for yourself!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.