18 Wheeler Truck Parking 2

18 Wheeler Truck Parking 2

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18 Wheeler Truck Parking 2
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18 Wheeler Truck Parking 2 Overview


It's time to do more 18 Wheeler Truck Parking online, as this is the second kind of its type from the series to be shared with you right now for free on our website, added precisely because the first one had been received so well by the boys visiting our website, maybe even girls too, so not sharing the sequel with you would have never been an option!

18 Wheeler Truck Parking has never been more fun; do it now, virtually!

You will park the trucks all across America, in ten locations, to be exact. As you complete the levels, you will unlock new trucks to park, keeping things fresh and always even more fun!

Use the arrow keys to drive the trucks. Follow the little green arrow on the front of each truck, which shows you where you need to go. Make sure to properly place the trucks at the front and back.

If you can collect all three stars of a level, even better, and make sure not to bump the truck into buildings, other cars, or trucks because if you lose your 100 health points, you lose the level.

As always, we wish you the best and hope that you stick around for more fun to come. You can never go wrong with our daily content!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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