Mafia Poker

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What is Mafia Poker?

Mafia Poker

Mafia and the game of Poker have been intertwined for a long time now, as the gangsters love playing cards games in general, just like we are sure that many visitors of our website do as well, which is why the addition of this game where you get to play Poker online in a Mafia setting, something we are sure you will really enjoy!

Play Poker with the Mafia online right now and here!

Take cards, and then try to match them with the ones on the table, put forward by the dealer, and if you have the best hand, meaning the best combo of cards, you will end up being the winner and taking the money on the table put forward as bets by all the players, you included.

Give your best to leave with more money from the table than the other players, or at least than what you started off with, losing if you no longer have any more money. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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