Goosehead Racing

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Goosehead Racing
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What is Goosehead Racing?

Goosehead Racing

Goosehead Racing represents one of the best new drag racing games online to have been added to our website, where all of us have had a bunch of fun from start to finish, an experience we also guarantee to you all, so make sure that you're not missing out on this chance for anything in the world!

Have fun doing Goosehead Racing!

You and another goosehead will drive your F1 cars through the courses, trying to reach the finish line ahead of the other one to win, and know that you can play in the tournament in three levels of difficulty, so start with the easiest one and then slowly progress through them to win.

Here are your controls:

  • spacebar for gas
  • up and down to shift gears
  • X for brake
  • Z to use parachute

Now that you've seen just how simple and fun this game really is, start it right now, only here, and don't stop here for anything in the world, since we've got even more great games coming down the line for you all!

How to play?

Use the up and down arrows, space, X, and Z keys.

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