Fashionable School Girls

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Fashionable School Girls
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What is Fashionable School Girls?

Fashionable School Girls

People worldwide are crazy about online games because they are free to play and available in multiple genres. Whether you love to play racing, shooting, puzzle, or make-up games, has a variety of titles to entertain you. Fashionable School Girls is a fabulous Make-up and Dress-up online video game with dozens of beautiful kinds of stuff, including lipsticks, clothes, bases, eyelashes, and more. 

Prepare your best outfit for the first school day

The introduced soundtrack and characters are gorgeous. You start playing the game with the first character while the next three are locked. Once you complete the makeover of the first character, the next will be unlocked to try different dresses. The game is designed for girls willing to try different outfits and makeovers to see how they look with different styles. 
You can turn off the music and play with no sound during the game. Besides, the user interface is friendly, as you don’t need to learn anything when jumping in to play the game. You should only select your model from the available and choose lipstick color, brushes, eyes, bases, and more. 
Once you complete the makeover, the game asks you to help girls decide on their clothes. Different outfits will be displayed on your screen; choosing your favorite one may help you complete the objective. When determining the clothes, you can go back to the make-up room to do the matching makeover following the cloth styles and colors. 

How to play?

Use the mouse to create your perfect outfit!


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