Club Penguin PSA Mission 10: Waddle Squad

14.01.2023 370 4 votes

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What is Club Penguin PSA Mission 10: Waddle Squad?

Club Penguin PSA Mission 10: Waddle Squad

The Waddle Squad is what you are invited to join right now in the world of Club Penguin Games online, where we have now reached PSA Mission 10 considering that you've loved the previous ones so much, and you've reached this tenth installment in the series, we're sure you will be very excited for this new opportunity too!

Join the Waddle Squad in Club Penguin PSA Mission 10 online unblocked!

As with the other point-and-click adventure games in this series, use the mouse to interact with the characters and items around you, items that you can collect in the inventory, and characters whom you can talk with and make decisions based on the conversations, which will take the stories in one place or another.

G is one of the agents that you will meet at the Headquarters, where you will be given way more information on what your secret mission entails, which we let you discover by yourself, as we don't want to let the secrets out in the open, as we hope your operation will be a huge success! Enjoy!



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How to play?

Use the mouse.