Animegao Kigurumi DIY

Animegao Kigurumi DIY

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Animegao Kigurumi DIY
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Animegao Kigurumi DIY Overview


Animegao Kigurumi DIY is a game for girls who love anime and characters in that style, one that now allows them to create their own character in this world, as the title suggests, as it wants you to do it yourselves, and we're sure you will do, and have a bunch of fun doing it, just like we've had, something we will now explain how easy it is!

Create your own Animegao Kigurumi DIY character!

You will begin by creating a mask, one that will double down as the face of the character you make, which is where the DIY comes from, as you will cut it, paste it, decorate it, paint it, and more actions to bring it to reality, and only then can you continue to style your character further.

You will do it first with makeup, where you apply lipstick, eyeliner, eye-shadow, blush, mascara, new eyebrows, foundation, and more cosmetics, choosing the colors and shapes you think work best.

Finally, dress up the anime girl with clothes, hairstyles, and accessories, even footwear, which are traditional Japanese items, so that you make her feel at home, just like in your favorite anime.

It's all that simple and fun, so feel confident to begin playing right now, after which our team invites you to play even more of our daily content!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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