TikTok Trends: Makeup Then And Now

TikTok Trends: Makeup Then And Now

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TikTok Trends: Makeup Then And Now
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TikTok Trends: Makeup Then And Now Overview


TikTok Trends: Makeup Then And Now is one of the most special games for girls we've had here in a while since it is a game that allows you to combine present and past when it comes to style, especially makeup style, something that TikTok girlies have really been fascinated about, with our team now giving you the chance to explore both eras in one game, and, even better, on one face. Yes, that's right, and we're now teaching you precisely what to do and how, worry not makeup noobs!

Try the TikTok Trends of Makeup Then And Now!

You will have a girl that you can do makeup on, with her face being split in two, one side for 2024 trends, and one for 2000 trends. You will do this for four levels, and in each of them the trends change a bit, and you will get added some new cosmetics to use.

The game gives you cosmetics like eyeliner, eye-shadow, blush, or lipstick, and with the button on the top you change between the two eras, and you will see that the options you have for all these cosmetics will change from one to another.

Then you use the mouse to apply them on the two sides of the face by simply dragging over the highlighted areas. Experiment with as many colors, shapes, and styles, so that you create some of the most interesting combinations. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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