TikTok Floral Trends

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What is TikTok Floral Trends?

TikTok Floral Trends

Floral Trends have overtaken TikTok, so it makes sense that our favorite beauty influencers from this platform will try them out, with your help, as they can always count on the girls from our website to be their best stylists, which is what you will be doing right now in this amazing makeup game for girls!

Try the best Floral Trends on TikTok!

For each of the three girls, you are playing with in this game you have the cosmetics on the right, having multiple colors and shapes for each. You will have:

  • eye-shadow
  • brushes for the eyelashes
  • blush
  • chockers or tiaras for accessorizing

Mix and match these items, experimenting with the cosmetics and products the best you see fit, and we're sure that at the end, where all three girls take a picture together for the platform, they will look amazing in this new trend!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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