TikTok Diva Dentist Adventures

TikTok Diva Dentist Adventures

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TikTok Diva Dentist Adventures
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TikTok Diva Dentist Adventures Overview


The TikTok Diva needs to go through some unfortunate Dentist Adventures, and the reason for that is because her teeth are hurting and she is having medical issues with them, and if a dentist such as yourself does not fix them very soon, she will not be able to be on the social media platform, which is what she always wants to do!

Go on some Dentist Adventures with the TikTok Diva!

The fixing of the girl's teeth is going to be made through four levels, and in each of them, you are in the office, where you are given all the tools and products needed to repair her teeth right in front of you.

Use the mouse to take a hold of them and use them, simply following the instructions you get from the hands, which will show you where and how to use the tools properly.

It's as simple as that, and at the end of all the levels, the diva will have her big and bright smile back, and all her followers will be immensely happy that she is back!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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