Victors Nightmares

Victors Nightmares

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Victors Nightmares
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Victors Nightmares Overview


Victor is a boy who hates sleeping, and that is because when he does, at night, he enters a whole new world, a scary world of nightmares, where everything seems to be a reality. Some might even think that he is being transported into another world. One thing is certain, it’s quite the horror show for Victor, which is why he hopes you will join him in the scary world, and by playing the point-and-click adventure game called Victor’s Nightmares, help him escape them safely!

If you can face the Land of Nightmares head-on, and he does not get too scared, together you will come out the other side and his nights will be safe once more. Simply use the mouse to interact with the world around you, such as when you click on items to pick them up, after which they go in the inventory, for you to use at any time. Simply take it from the inventory, and drop it where you think it can be usefully used.

In the first episode of the game, you find yourselves at a crossroads in what seems to be a cemetery, and there is a skeleton monster. You have to interact with the things around you to find the way out of this scary situations, and trust us when we say, that without exploration, that will not be a possibility. Good luck to you all, and we really hope that nothing scares you, and Victor’s monsters will be defeated!

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How to play?

use the mouse

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