Inside out Take care Baby Riley

Inside out Take care Baby Riley

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Inside out Take care Baby Riley
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Inside out Take care Baby Riley Overview


Take care of Baby Riley from Inside Out! It's a new and amazing babysitter game online based on the Disney movie! It's also a point-and-click game, so you're going to have a ton of reasons to enjoy it from start to finish, just like we did!

Let's take care of Inside Out's Baby Riley!

Begin by the morning, and then play through the afternoon level, and the night one. In the morning, wakes up Riley by opening up the window, turning on the lights, and rubbing some water on her face to wake her up. Give her slippers on her feet, and then convince her to wash herself. Choose the right dialogue for the mother to use when speaking with Riley. Find the words that will make her get ready!

Before she goes to school, she needs to eat breakfast. Arrange the food on the sandwich into a smiley face, since it is the only way Riley likes to eat it. Don't forget to put some fruits in a bowl, since they are healthy.

Pack her bags, and help her go to school. There, make sure she studies hard. Bring Baby Riley home, and play, do homework, and have fun during the day. When night comes, feed her again, help her take a shower, and find out how hard it is to put a baby to sleep. Enjoy your babysitting day online!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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