Alice Makeover

Alice Makeover

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Alice Makeover
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Alice Makeover Overview


Alice needs a Makeover! Clean her face, wash her, do the makeup, and dress up Alice in Wonderland! This is all after she went on a big magical adventure. She needs to freshen up and get back to her daily life. What's better than a makeover session for a girl? Nothing, and she agrees! Let's start it off, shall we?

Do a magical Alice Makeover online!

Begin with clearing and cleaning her face. Add face wash, rinse it off, and towel dry it. Make sure to get rid of unruly eyebrow hairs with the tweezers. She's got some pimples and bad pores. Pop them off, treat the sores, and close up the pores. Make sure to apply moisturizing creams, and foundation, and regenerate the skin! Now that it's fresh, don't forget about the makeup part.

Use lipstick, blush, eye-shadow, mascara, and other favorite cosmetics. Choose the colors and shapes you like the most! Alice will be grateful!

To finish up a makeover, the girl needs a new outfit. Mix and match the clothes, hairstyles, shoes, and accessories. They're both classic and modern at the same time. Find the perfect combos, and everyone will be impressed with Alice's new look. Both in the real world and in Wonderland!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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