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What are Alice in Wonderland Games?

Alice in Wonderland games that appear on are inspired by a charming story with the same name Alice in Wonderland. The novella was written in the year 1875 by an English author named Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. The main character is a girl named Alice, which, one day was bored out along with her sister, who was reading without stopping. At a given moment, Alice glimpse a rabbit who was wearing swimming trunks and a stylish clock in his pocket.

Astonished, Alice has decided to follow the rabbit and she was walking step by step behind him but at the moment she had fallen into a very long corridor. Here begins the story of Alice in Wonderland, because the corridor was going to provide the most wonderful and amazing things to her. In wonderland, Alice met all sorts of a strange animal that could speak, and many of the things and magical potions. She drank a potion that made her very small, after which she ate a cake enchanted which make Alice grow up without stopping. In this story, we have encountered a lizard, a mouse, a pigeon, a fish, a frog, a rabbit, a dog, a cat, a hamster, and still a few animals.

They all could speak and act just like people, but sometimes they were very strange, and Alice scares easily because of them. Novella has 12 chapters, and all of them were very interesting. The success Alice in Wonderland has ever had has made that later to defend the film and then all sorts of cartoons which told sequences from this hallucinating story. After so many drawings and stories with Alice has decided to make you acquainted with Alice in Wonderland games. In these games, in the same way, as in the story, you will meet and you will see the protagonists in action, along with whom you'll step into a wonderful world.

From lizard who smoked in the hookah, up to bunny in the suit all characters waiting for you in a wonderful adventure. Together with Alice, you will need to go over obstacles in a strange world where people don`t exist. At the end of the story, we discover that all these things have been dreamed by little Alice, who had a big imagination. When he woke from the dream Alice began to tell her sister's adventures through which it has passed. With all that Alice dreaming, everything that happened seemed so real that our little heroine was deeply impressed by her dream. Surely all children have dreams about other worlds, but Alice`s dream was turned into an amazing story.

Alice in Wonderland games will leave you to have fun with all those strange characters, without gives you time to dream, because you'll have to be very careful about the traps and the obstacles that you will have to overcome. All the team wants you to join the adventures which we offer to you and to discover more and more of the world from the story. In the event that you decide you don't like our games or if you have found other Alice in Wonderland games that our site has not been published, please tell us immediately.