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What are Justin Time Games?

The show revolves around the adventures of Justin. In every episode, Justin encounters a real-world problem of everyday childhood ,then Justin and his shape-shifting sidekick Squidgy solve the problems by tackling them in imaginary adventures through time and around the world. In every adventure, Justin and Squidgy meet their best friend Olive, who always lives in the place and time they are visiting, and who usually needs their help to accomplish a task. Together, the three of them encounter the same problem that Justin faces in the real world, and together they solve the problem before Justin's parents call him back to the real world. Justin is the main character of the animated series, a six and a half years boy. He's curious, imaginative, happy and overall a generally positive little guy. He likes to jump feet-first into the action, and he's always on the go. Justin is the leader of the team and he likes to take charge, even if he isn't always sure he is going in the right direction. Olive is Justin's friend and she lives in all the places that Justin and Squidgy visit and is the friend they meet as each adventure begins. She has Brunette Black Hair. Her hairstyle and outfit always change to match the adventure. Now that you know everyone would question the things that you really enjoy over here and that nothing different could entertain us from there you need to go and jump right away. He has a good mate names Squidy and with him he goes on this imaginary worlds, and tries to do everything in order to solve some real time questioning and determine all the stuff that you could ensure us in time. Gather everything and notice the situations in which we are positive sure that you would have fun in every single place from there and now around. It is certain that every single time when he goes to meet the new adventures becauuse that is what really matters for us. Try to see that his name is Olive and he is the best friend of Justin, and tries to do everything that he can in order to achieve the best stuff that really matters around here. Do not forget that you would be made to determine us in the nicest ways because they are quite important over there without any problems at all. We are definitely sure that along with Squidy there are going to be a lot of different types of players and no one would question the behaviour of the others right away. Prepare from the start and figure out something that you are going to be making for sure in the meantime. it is something that we are totally waiting for to see and if the things that you would be looking really careful at, would be the best stuff that had ever happened to the others right away. We need to see if you are going to do everything in order to beat all the types of things from here and each one of the players are totally going to ensure us from being the best around and around. Manage to prepare us from the beginning and figure out everything around. We are going to give you clear instructions from the start in here and if the things that you quite fancy around here would be working just fine, then it is certain that you are never going to fail anything over and over again. Make sure that you are going to give us a like if you had enjoyed this category and look at the things that you would love to be as from now on. Prepare to never give up on the situations that are going to be done in here, and after that tell us how have you felt over there.