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What are Card Games?

Card games are the oldest computer games that even our parents played, because such a game did not have high technical requirements, could run on a weaker computer, and also the graphics of these games were not complex. What was most important about these card games is the idea of ​​the game, the gameplay that made card enthusiasts return to the game whenever they took a little free time, and in this way some of the players even became obsessed or addicted to that game.

Today, online games have taken control, and the mission of is to offer you the latest games in the field of card games in the specially created category.
One of the most popular card games is Solitaire, which appeared as the default on all Windows computers, and at that time all computer users had something to do in their free time, they played Solitaire.
Another type of famous card game is Poker, which is a thinking game, a game for professionals because you will have to control your emotions very well, not to be read by other people at the table. This card game is a very famous US, and many players prefer to play it for money.
Another type of card game is one in which you will have to memorize the cards you see and try to make pairs of identical cards in as short a time as possible.

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