Barbie Potty Race

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What is Barbie Potty Race ?

Barbie Potty Race

Barbie Games are the best for all the girls visiting our website to play, and right now they get to experience Barbie Potty Race, which has an element of racing games, as you help Barbie potty-train her little sister, because she is at an age she needs to know it, having to be fast in getting her to the bathroom before an accident can happen!

There are three floors in Barbie’s house, and each of them has a bathroom, so you will be racing to them three times. We really hope you make good times for all of them! Between the sister and the bathroom, lots of things and obstacles stand in her way, so you have to interact with the environment and clear the way.

Click on the kid gates to open them up, click on the toys laying on the floor to move them aside, collect any toilet paper you find, because it will get you a special Perfect Potty sticker, and also move the dog away when it appears because the cute little pup can really distract the sister from her road to the toilet.

The better you perform, and the faster that the sister gets to the toilet, the more points are going to be awarded to your score, so we hope you are focused and ready to help out with the best of your abilities!

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How to play?

Use arrow keys