Moana: Search The Sea

Moana: Search The Sea

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Moana: Search The Sea
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Moana: Search The Sea Overview


Moana is in love with the sea. She always goes swimming and explores the underwater world through the spotless water at the surface. She likes to collect the fantastic things she finds. The purpose of this game is for you to do the same.

Explore the sea together and collect everything you can find. You will discover conches and other aquatic creatures. As the game starts, you will use the mouse to navigate across the screen. Wherever you put your mouse, the water splits around a circle so you can find everything you need.

Levels get more challenging as you pass them. So, after you have finished your warmup, the real challenge will await you. You have a time limit in which you have to find all the objects in that specific area. You will be passed to the next level after you see everything. You lose the game if the time expires and you don't pass.

Scan the surface of the sea using the circle. When you see objects colored differently, press click to collect them.

How to play?

Use the MOUSE to find all these objects under water.

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