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Garfield Travel

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Garfield Travel
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Garfield Travel Overview

You can see that today dear friends, Garfield is bringing you a very special adventure challenge in which you will have the chance to gain a lot of points and see how much fun you can have in an adventure with bugs, bats and dinosaurs.

Today dear friends, you and Garfield will have to be very fast and concentrated, because as you aleardy have a hint, Garfield is hungry as always, and he needs your help to feed himself at the end of this new adventure. You will be trapped in a little maze made by blocks, and you can see that there will be three fridges that you can see right here on our website. It's not going to be easy at all, because there will be a lot of dangers and a lot of troubles that you and Garfield will have to defeat and stay healthy.

Even though it all sounds easy, you can see that in this new challenge, you will have to stay focused, because you will have to be fast and concentrated, and you will see that in this new challenge, you will have to help Garfield reach the fridges without getting harmed. All the flying bugs and all the flying bats are going to fly in the same direction, and you dear friends have to be sure that you will manage to evade their attacks. Be smart and see how Garfield will be so careful to win this challenge by eating as much as possible from the fridges that you will collect. You will gain points with each fridge that Garfield touches, and you will have to stay focused because this is the only way that you can help Garfield stay as fat as always.

Be fast and finish each and every one of the leves with Garfield, and you can see how many other adventures with animals as cats and dogs or even bugs, which you can see that right here on our website are going to continue to appear inside the Garfield games category from our website. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the ARROW keys to play.

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