Princess A Day at the Mall

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Princess A Day at the Mall
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What is Princess A Day at the Mall?

Princess A Day at the Mall
You will find today the Princesses Day at the Mall game for girls ready to be played on your phones and tablets for free. You will meet with cute Disney princesses in this new dress up and shopping challenge, and we are sure that you will have a great time, because Elsa or Jasmine will be just two of the Disney characters that you are going to meet today and have a great time finding clothes with.

In this new dress up game, you dear friends will have to roam the mall with all of the Disney princesses in this new challenge and make sure that you can be a very good fashion designer and start creating cute outfits for all the four Disney princesses. Today dear friends you can see that Elsa from Frozen 2, Barbie, Jasmine from Aladdin and Snow White are going to be present and they will want to spend an entire day at the mall, to find clothes, make up and accessories so they will set a new fashion trend in 2020.

All the girls will have different styles and different desires, so you dear friends will have to bring your A game, because each of the Disney princesses will want to spend time and money in different types of clothes shops and boutiques in the mall.

Barbie is a very fashion doll, and you already know that she has a lot of outfits due to all the Barbie dolls that you are already playing with at home or even here on our website. Barbie always is in the fashion trends, and you can see that today, she is going to need your help to keep her style and even start a new trend for all the girl dolls from our website. Barbie does not love to be all classy, and she has a punk style so she is going to look more at jeans, leather jackets, t shirts, cut off tops and flassy earings and braclets that will make her entire outfit pop.

Elsa the Frozen ice queen is very famous here on our website, and we are sure that you already know what kind of clothes, make up, hairstyles and even accessories the Disney princess wants, but you can see that she is going to be very classy today, so she is going to want to buy new elegant and bouji, so you have to make sure that you can find a beautiful dress for Elsa. Make sure that her new hairstyle is going to be cute and even have a different color, which will make Elsa a new girl.

Jasmine is the most exotic Disney princess from this new game for girls, and you dear friends will have to make sure that you can help her get a cute summer outfit that she can wear when she returns in Egypt to Aladdin. You can see that Jasmine will want to have a short dress that looks very cute, and you will have to match with her new dress cute sandals or summer shoes that will make her be the most beautiful Disney princess in the middle east.


How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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