Flight of the Bumblebee

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What is Flight of the Bumblebee?

Flight of the Bumblebee

Bumblebee is back dear kids and he is bringing for you today a new online robot and car adventure game from the Transformers games category. The yellow robot is the main character, and he is bringing for you a very exciting adventure that you can find right here on our website.

Today, you will have to be very careful and concentrated, because dear friends you will see how Bumblebee will need your help to start finishing this new fighting and shooting challenge.

You are going to go with Bumblebee as a yellow muscle car through the adventure and you are going to have to collect all the green boxes to fuel your car and make sure that in the shortest time, you will be able to collect each pack that you see in your way.

Bumblebee’s enemies are going to be real deceptycon Transformers, and you dear kids will see that once you get too close and you touch one of these robots, your character is going to transform into a robot, and when the fight starts, you have to type to code in the field as fast as possible in order to protect Bumblebee and defeat your opponent.

Be fast, collect all the tokens and see how fast you can destroy the Transformers enemies, and you will see how there are going to be many other 2020 Transformers  games for kids ready for you to play with all of your friends. Have fun!

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How to play?

Use the ARROW Keys to play.