Kung Fu Panda Hidden Stars

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What is Kung Fu Panda Hidden Stars?

Kung Fu Panda Hidden Stars
The new game with Kung Fu Panda will put you in search because you will have to find 15 yellow stars in the different images inspired by the Kung Fu Panda company.
In order to find them as easily as possible, you will have to look at the whole image as a whole, after which you will try to identify the first stars that catch your eye. When you see the first star, click on it, and it will change color, it will be made transparent in yellow, opaque, and in this way, the game will reward you with bonus points.

After you manage to finish the first image you will have to move on to the next images which will be more and more difficult and complex, because the background image will be similar to the stars you are looking for, and in this way, the colored stars will be increasingly difficult to notice.

How to play?

use the mouse.

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