Panda Village Defender

Panda Village Defender

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Panda Village Defender
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Panda Village Defender Overview


Panda Village Defender is the new game with Po and the villain Kai in which you will have to be with the panda bear to be able to save all the other panda bears that are in the game in record time.
Your main mission will be to help all the pandas get through the attacks of Kai who will try to kill them. You should know that Kai manages to attract them to him with the two light jars, but you will have to be even faster and try to gather them as fast as you can to get to the city of Panda with all the bears.

In the game, you will notice that there will be some bright yellow balls that we guide you to collect to increase your score at the end of the game. In the first seconds of the mission, you will have to save only a few bears at once, but as the game evolves you will have to move faster and faster and collect all the pandas in record time.

Panda bears have priority, try to save the panda babies as soon as possible and take them to the panda bear village where they will be safe. You can reach the village in two directions, at the top of the game and at the bottom of the game, depending on which entrance you are closer to.

How to play?

use the arrows to move.

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