ATV Highway Traffic

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What is ATV Highway Traffic?

ATV Highway Traffic
The new ATV game will teach you how to drive such a vehicle on the road, on the highway with the other cars that normally drive there.
For beginners, you will be able to choose between four different levels where you can drive:
  • summer on the road (Highway Traffic)
  • summer through dessert
  • winter on the road
  • summer through the city
Once you have chosen that, the next step will be to buy an ATV depending on your preferences and the money you have, after which you can start your first dangerous race.
As you can see, in order to drive such an ATV through urban traffic, you will have to pay close attention to many things, including traffic lights, other cars involved in traffic, people who want to cross the street, buses leaving the parking lot, and children going to school.

Try to avoid all the obstacles you have, and collect as much gold as possible that will help you buy a new ATV much stronger and faster. The next mission you will have will be on the highway, where you have no speed limit.

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How to play?

use the arrows to drive this ATV.