Jail Breaker

Jail Breaker

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Jail Breaker
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Jail Breaker Overview

Some of the most fun interactive puzzle games on the internet are always going to be jail escape games/prison escape games, as the thought of getting out of prison has always fascinated people, especially since many inmates managed to do it over the years, so even things like a jail might not be impenetrable.

Help the prisoner escape using solely your wits

Each new level of the game presents you with a new dilemma, as you start off in a prison cell and then try to go through the hallways and all the other rooms without getting caught until you end up on the outside.

At each step of the way, there will be some kind of obstacle you need to overcome, such as a door, a camera, or even the fact that your prisoner might get thirsty or hungry.

Of course, there is always a solution to the problem, and you will always be given two options to choose from, and if you pick the correct one, you advance, otherwise, your jailbreak might stop there.

For example, use the small pick to open the door, the remote to stop the security camera, and drink a bottle of water for the thirsty inmate. If you get it right, not only do you advance, but you also get coins as a reward.

This is what you needed to know regarding the game, so we're happy to invite you to play it right now, and we hope to see you here playing even more new games of the day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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