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Glove Universe

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Glove Universe
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Glove Universe Overview


The world of SpongeBob Games online is just as large as the world of the show and its characters, you could even call it its own universe, something that will be proven right now and here with one of the best new games this category has had in a while, which is called Glove Universe, and which is such a unique experience for this already-unique category that we urge you all to try it out right now and here!

What's this world of gloves from SpongeBob?

The Glove Universe is actually the name of a fair in Bikini Bottom, which is one of the favorite places of SpongeBob and Patrick to visit, mostly because they have lots and lots of fun whenever they visit, and they are now offering you the same opportunity. What makes this game even better is that it is an arcade one, like the place, meaning there will be something for everyone!

Among the things, you will do in the various mini-games of this game, you can pop balloons, you will shoot coins in a can, or gather mystery boxes to solve a mystery. Performing well at a game earns you gloves in return, which can then be traded for rewards, which come in classes, such as silver, or gold, so always aim to win!

Don't worry, because the rules to each mini-game are explained before you start it, so if you just follow, you will do just great! Good luck, let the fun begin right now, and maybe tell your friends about this game as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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