Baby Hippo Care

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What is Baby Hippo Care?

Baby Hippo Care

We know how many girls, but maybe even some boys, love visiting our Caring Games category, where you can take care of everything from babies to animals, or, as it is the case in today's new game, baby animals, as our team is glad to invite you all to play a new and awesome game called Baby Hippo Care!

Take care of the Baby Hippo and make sure it is as happiest as it has ever been!

In this game, you will have in front of you one of the cutest baby hippos in the world, which are already cute animals, but become even cuter when they're babies, and you will have to follow the on-screen instructions to do everything the hippo wants!

For the playtime part of the day, open up a surprise box, play with a water gun, and bounce a ball around. Because it is hungry and sad, firstly, wipe away its tears, and then mix up some baby powder with water and then feed it with the baby bottle.

Give it some dessert as well, including some fruit, and wipe her mouth because she got dirty while eating. You will throw away the baby's dirty nappies, clean it up, and then give it a shower to properly wash it.

Finally, give it a new set of clothes, and put it to bed, since she has had a fun time, but rest is very important for babies. Start the fun right now, and don't hesitate to share this game with friends as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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