Flying Cars Era

Flying Cars Era

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Flying Cars Era
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Flying Cars Era Overview


Just this week we could all see on the news that a company has managed to test flight a flying car successfully over a city, so we are really beginning to see the start of a Flying Cars Era because as sci-fi predicted, in the future cars will be able to fly, but until that future comes, why not already drive and fly one such car with awesome games online, such as the one on this page that we definitely recommend for you all!

Race with the flying cars, and be the fastest!

First, get familiar with the ways you can play this game. You can play the relaxing mode called Free Driving, where you just fly around with your car and explore the maps, or you can try the Challenge Mode, where you have to give it your best to perform various tasks and fly your cars in certain ways to unlock new ones and complete the challenges, proving yourself a great driver.

Of course, the mode you are most excited about would be the Race Mode, where you do your best to fly fastest with your car and be the first one crossing the finish line. You can do this against cars controlled by the computer, or, even better, have more fun in the 2P mode and race against a real player.

Player 1 will use:

  • Arrows to move
  • R-Shift for NOS
  • P for handbrake
  • O to reset car position
  • L to look back

Player 2 will use:

  • W, A, S, D to move
  • L-Shift for NOS
  • Space for handbrake
  • R to reset car position
  • T to look back

No matter how you choose to play this game, fun is guaranteed with it, so start it right now, and hopefully, you will continue playing even more new and amazing games, only on our website!

How to play?

P1: arrows, R-shift, P, O, L.

P2: W, A, S, D, L-Shift, Space, R, T.

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