Flying Wings HoverCraft

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What is Flying Wings HoverCraft?

Flying Wings HoverCraft

Flying Wings HoverCraft is precisely what you imagine it to be, a flying game with flying cars, or however they are called, because that does not matter, with the only thing that does being that the game is incredibly fun from start to finish, it is futuristic, and exciting, all things you're about to discover right now as we explain it to you all!

Put on your Flying Wings and helm the HoverCraft!

You can play in the race mode, where you race against other flying cars to be the first one at the finish line, there is the stunt mode, where you try to do the craziest flips, jumps, and moves, there is also the fall down mode, which is a survival one, and the free mode, where you drive around to relax only.

Use WASD or the ARROWS to drive, well, fly! It's all that simple and fun, so you should now have no excuse to start playing the game, which we hope to see you do right now, after which we hope to see you try out even more of our daily content!

How to play?

Use the WASD/ARROW keys.

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