Alvin Skateboard Professional

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What is Alvin Skateboard Professional?

Alvin Skateboard Professional

In addition to playing music and singing, Alvin also really loves to ride his skateboard through the city, and this is exactly what you are joining him in doing right now with the game called Alvin Skateboard Professional, which might not be the first, but it will certainly be one of the best skateboarding games online this category has had so far!

Skate with Alvin through the city full of wonder!

Alvin will ride his skateboard through the city automatically, with you having to help him jump over stairs, obstacles, and any other things in his way, but the jumping is also done in order to collect coins, of which we hope you will struggle to collect as many as possible.

Of course, if you fall to the ground, you lose. On the right side of the screen, you've got a button that you click to make jumps, and if you hold it more, you will make a bigger jump, while the button on the left is clicked when you want and can make tricks.

This is an endless skateboarding game where you try to reach as further ahead as possible, and we hope you will achieve this and have fun exploring the city with Alvin and his skateboard!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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