Car in Sky Test

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Car in Sky Test
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What is Car in Sky Test?

Car in Sky Test

Don't worry about being too young to drive a sports car, because you can always test them out and have fun being behind their wheels with our online games, which is precisely what we invite you all to do right at this moment with the awesome game known as Car in Sky Test, without a doubt one of our best new games of the day!

Test the sky car and see what it's got to offer!

There are a total of six sports cars that you can play this game with, so pick the one you want to drive first on the sky road, and we've got no doubt at all that you will have tons of fun doing it!

The car you drive will be controlled using the arrow keys, and on the various courses in the sky you have to get enough speed in order to jump over the pits and not fall from the sky, or you lose.

Try to clear each course as fast as possible. Go from checkpoint to checkpoint until you finish the whole course, and advance to the next one, which will be harder, but more fun at the same time!

Start this awesome game right now, and don't hesitate to share it with your friends as well, since if you love it, what are the chances they won't as well?

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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