Taffy Runner

Taffy Runner

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Taffy Runner
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Taffy Runner Overview


Trust us when we say that never before did you have the chance to play running games with Taffy online on our website like the one you are about to try right now and here when we invite you to have incredible amounts of fun with the game known as Taffy Runner!

Run and eat with Taffy!

As Taffy runs forward he creates a road out of candy, on which the dog is following him. Use the up and down arrow keys to ascend and descend with the candied road, so that you grab as many bananas and other foods from the track as possible.

You need to eat a certain amount of food to pass a level, but know that you need not hit into the various obstacles on the road (ice, wheels, and others), because those slow you down, and if the dog catches you, you will lose then and there.

Good luck we wish you all, since we are sure you will begin playing right away, and we definitely hope to see more of you on our website since fun never stops happening here!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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