Makeover Run

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What is Makeover Run?

Makeover Run

Lately, running games 3d have become increasingly popular, and this format has brought along all sorts of fun and interesting new concepts, just like you will see is the case right now and here with the addition of Makeover Run, which might have cosmetics and girls in it, but it is highly recommended for boys as well!

Re-invent yourself with cosmetics, clothes, all found on the obstacle course!

Use the mouse to control the girl running on the course and direct her towards the cosmetics, clothes, and hairstyles found there because they help her have a makeover and look amazing for the boy at the end of the road, which is where you have to reach in order to win and complete the level.

Avoid any items that are not useful or might make you look bad, because if you grab too many of them before reaching the end, they will ruin your look, and there is the possibility of you losing the level. Good luck we wish you all, and tons of fun, as per usual!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.