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What is combines multiplayer io games with Steve from Minecraft and this pixelated world in a new and fresh experience we would hate for you not to have right now, which is why you are invited to start playing the game right away!

Play for a multiplayer Minecraft game experience, unlike any others!

Choose your name, as well as one of the many avatars you can use:

  • Noob
  • Smile
  • Direwolf
  • Rainbowman
  • Robber
  • BlackGhost
  • Notch
  • SuperGirlyGamer
  • and so many more we would not have the space to describe them all!

Use the mouse to move, attack, and speed up, and the 1, 2, keys to change weapons. Move around the pixelated map, defeat enemies using your weapons or simply your size that is bigger than them, pick up weapons or useful items along the way, and try your hardest not to get killed by more powerful enemies and lose.

Try to reach a score as big as possible during the time you are roaming the map so that you advance through the rankings, and, who knows, maybe you reach their top. Good luck, enjoy, and have fun as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse, 1, 2 keys.

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