Mini Golf Club

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What is Mini Golf Club?

Mini Golf Club

Mini Golf Club represents one of the best new multiplayer golf games online to have been added on our website in recent memory, since it has cool graphics, a unique and interesting premise, and gameplay, and it gives you the chance to measure up your golfing skills against players from all over the world!

Let's play Mini Golf at the Club against players worldwide!

As it is customary for mini golf courses, they will have all sorts of ramps, bumps, hills, obstacles, but also boosts, but in addition to getting past obstacles and using boosts to your advantage, your main goal is to get your ball inside the hole before other players to rank better.

Use the mouse to shoot your ball, clicking and holding the LMB on it, and then releasing it when you've set the angle and power you wanted. You are racing to the hole against other players, so try to rank better than them at the end of each level.

There is also a time limit for finishing a golf race. You can either create your own room or enter the one that already exists. Good luck to all of you golfers, and we hope that you invite your friends to play as well, maybe you will be rivals in one of the games!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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