Big Shot Mini Golf

Big Shot Mini Golf

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Big Shot Mini Golf
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Big Shot Mini Golf Overview


Play Big Shot Mini Golf, one of the best mini golf games online for kids. Did you know that even goldfish love to play it? Well, these ones do, and you're going to play it with them, with up to four players. Yes, there are few 4 player golf games online, but this is one of the best, and it's worthy of everyone's time!

Become a Big Shot at Mini Golf online!

You will have a total of nine holes to get the ball into. That is how you win each level. You can do it with as many strokes as you need. This means you can hit the ball multiple times. But, if you want the biggest score, try to get in a few hits. A hole-in-one will bring about a big reward.

Each of the nine holes is set up on a different map, and like in most mini-golf games, there will be objects and obstacles to hit. Skateboards, pens, board games, books, you name it. Avoid obstacles, but if possible, bounce the ball from them.

Get a hole-in-one!

You move the golf club to set the angle and then click again to set the power. The farther the club is from the ball, the more powerful your hit will be. In the second level, you will notice something strange. There is a wall and multiple holes.

Well, get the ball into one set of holes, so that it teleports on the other side. It will come out of those holes when you get to hit it again. Figure out the portals to reach the finish flagpole!

Exciting 4 player golf game mechanics!

If you're playing in 2, 3, or 4 players, each of you takes turns with the mouse in shooting their golf club. The one who scores with the least amount of strokes wins, and all points are calculated at the end of the nine rounds!

Who will it be? Well, whoever it is, good luck to all, and you will have fun nonetheless!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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