LOL Surprise Preppy Fashion

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What is LOL Surprise Preppy Fashion?

LOL Surprise Preppy Fashion

The new style that the LOL Surprise dolls will try out with your help is Preppy Fashion, which is a trend that comes and goes but will always remain a timeless option for fashionable girls, and we are sure that you will really nail this look and help out the girls a lot, who will have tons of fun together with you, as they always do!

Try Preppy Fashion for the LOL Surprise girls!

Start off by doing the makeup for each doll, a stage in which you will change the shape and color of their eyebrows, and then apply eye-shadow, blush, and lipstick in the colors you like the most.

Dressing the girls comes next, of course, where you pick the preppy outfit you like the most and complete the look with hairstyles, glasses, purses, earrings, and necklaces.

It's that simple, and we are positive that you will be having the absolute best time, as you can always do with our games for girls, with us inviting you to stick around and play more of them and continue the fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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