My Secret Admirer Date Night

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What is My Secret Admirer Date Night?

My Secret Admirer Date Night

The girl has a secret admirer, and he seems charming enough that the two will go on a date night, an event you want to help her prepare for as well as possible since she wants to look her best, knowing that the boy will also bring his A-game, and the date should be a success!

Prepare for the date night with the secret admirer, with a makeover!

Clean-up comes first, where you wash the girl's face, tweak her eyebrows, apply the cream for the bags underneath her eyes, use face creams, apply lip balm, blow-dry the girl's hair, and comb it too, because it will get too messy.

Choose a cute outfit by picking a dress or one-piece item, or you can mix and match various tops and bottoms, and don't forget her hairstyle, earrings, shoes, glasses, and purses.

After the secret admirer has been revealed, dress her up again, this time for the actual date, and in the final stage, prepare the table, filling it up with flowers, chocolates, notes, and other cool gifts.

It's all that fun, simple, and enjoyable, so start right now, have a ton of fun, and don't hesitate to invite your friends over for fun as well, they should surely love the game too!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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