Temple of the Monkey Bird

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Temple of the Monkey Bird
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What is Temple of the Monkey Bird?

Temple of the Monkey Bird

Explore the Temple of the Monkey Bird with your favorite Looney Tunes Cartoons characters, since this is the newest game to be inspired by this new show on Boomerang that we offer you here for free, based on one of its most popular episodes, through which you can now live in an adventure game unlike you find here just every day!

Temple of the Monkey Bird - A Looney Tunes Cartoons game experience!

Use the arrow keys to move your characters through the temple, sit next to vases to hit them and get the gold out of them, and sit on special tiles to open doors. In case you need to step on two tiles, switch characters with Z, as you can control both of them, and have them sit on the tiles.

Each level is a real maze, with traps and obstacles to avoid, but also enemies, and if you solve the puzzles and find a way forward all the time, you will eventually reach the treasure at the end of each stage, which is when you can advance to the following level.

Now that you know how simple everything is, let's begin the fun, and stick around for more of it, since we never run out of new content for you all!

How to play?

Use the arrows, Z key.

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